Land Clearing


Land clearing is where the BLUROC story begins. The founders of the company got their start in mechanized site clearance in some of the toughest terrain imaginable.

Today, they continue that tradition by safely preparing utility and civil worksites in some of the most uninviting places. Whether by hand felling or the use of mechanized equipment, we can cut, clear, grub and grind anywhere you require.

Big, small, flat, steep, wet, rocky, by the project or part of your single-source access solution, BLUROC is the land-clearing company that delivers.

What We Can Do for You

Our land-clearing services utilize heavy equipment to cut down trees, remove brush, and haul away rocks and other debris that may be blocking your crews’ progress on a site. When we’re finished, what was once overgrown and rocky terrain is transformed into a blank canvas on which you can build your masterpiece.

Whenever possible, we use heavy machinery to cut, clear and grade. However, any ROW clearing business worth its salt also knows how to roll up its sleeves and get its hands dirty. When machines won’t do the job, we step in with hand tools and good old-fashioned elbow grease to make sure it’s done right.

Professional Site Clearers

It may be tempting for a contractor to assume that it can perform any land-clearing for construction by itself. Although you certainly may have the equipment to perform tree clearing and move boulders yourself, that doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a good idea.

When you put your trust in dedicated land-clearing contractors like us, you can rest easy knowing that literally no stone will be left unturned. We have the expertise needed to clear a jobsite completely and grade it to the exact specifications you need. This ensures that you’ll have the best possible foundation with which to work.

Why Choose BLUROC?

We can be your single-source provider for right-of-way clearing and many other access-related services. Our people have experience working in the toughest conditions, achieving the best possible results for our clients in the process. Even though we’re willing to put ourselves in some extremely challenging conditions, we’re still dedicated to safety.

We teach and encourage our personnel to use proper precautions and procedures in every aspect of what they do. BLUROC never risks the well-being of our employees to cut corners or rush through a job. At the end of every day, we want our entire team to go home safely.

In addition, we’re focused on helping our customers meet the many environmental regulations under which they have to complete their work. You can be sure that when you choose us, compliance is no issue. Solving problems for our clients is what we do at every level of our capabilities.

To learn more about our right-of-way clearing services or receive a quote for your next project, reach out today.