When a typical road just isn’t an option, BLUROC’s access matting is the perfect solution. We provide temporary road access mats and work platforms constructed to fit to your needs. BLUROC can enable you to access even the most environmentally sensitive areas Mother Nature has to offer.

Creating Access for Crews

Crews across a wide range of industries depend on heavy-duty timber matting. Oil and gas companies often need to build pipelines through untamed wilderness far from roads or highways. Civil construction projects frequently require reshaping rough terrain where no infrastructure exists. The soils in these areas may not be stable enough for large machines to operate safely. Cranes and other heavy equipment are at risk of becoming stuck in the soft ground. In addition to these concerns, the intense pressure exerted by wheels and treads can do serious damage to fragile ecosystems.

Construction matting solves these and other issues for contractors. Made of strong timbers, the mats are laid down to create stable roads that enable heavy machines and large vehicles to reach remote areas. CLT rig mats and CLT crane mats make it possible for equipment to be deployed wherever it needs to be, without concern for the stability of the ground. They also help protect wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas. Easy to setup and remove, construction matting offers a perfect solution for creating access in challenging situations.


Why Experience Matters

Finding the right mats to fit your specific requirements and job site requires in-depth knowledge of the various options available. This is why it’s so important to choose a provider of these products who understands your challenges and can deliver the access matting you need. Without the extensive expertise we bring to the table, you may not be able to realize the full benefit of these solutions.


Why Choose BLUROC?

We are fully committed to performing all work as safely as possible. We work in some of the most challenging environments, which is why we concentrate on following safety protocols as closely as we can. Our goal is to ensure that our team members do their jobs incident-free and with the maximum level of confidence for our clients. We’re also dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help contractors comply with rigorous environmental standards.

To learn more about what we can deliver for your next project or to receive a quote, get in touch with us today.

Road and Site Grading


Some roads and job sites have the ideal topography, making the job relatively simple. The majority of sites, however, demand some degree of grading to create a base course for a road or railway to allow the proper access and egress of crews and machines. The goal is to provide optimum worksite efficiency and safety, to control erosion and to meet the requirements of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

No matter the demands of the plan or your specific needs, the experienced team at BLUROC can provide grading as part of your single-source access solution. We’ve successfully done it time and again for thousands of businesses, and we can do it for you.