Civil contractors keep communities growing. They deserve a partner they can trust. Look no further than BluRoc. Our experience in roads, bridges and storm water mitigation makes us the go-to team to help you in those hard-to-reach and ecologically sensitive areas. Our expertise with civil construction mats means we can help create access where none exists. No matter how rough the terrain, we can put our knowledge and skill to the test and find a solution that addresses your precise situation. Where others look for a way around, we go over and through to build the most direct path to your job site.

We combine our spirit of innovation and creative problem solving with an exemplary safety program and a dedication to customer service. We strive to become a true partner with you, helping to find an answer to your access needs that fits your schedule, regulatory obligations and budget.

BLUROC serves those who serve

At BLUROC, we know the ins and outs, challenges and pitfalls of civil construction. And we will support your project’s success by ensuring we deliver the highest levels of quality and safety without sacrificing budget or time.

  • Construction of temporary roadways, staging areas, and stable and secure foundations for large-scale machinery: Whether the project site is unstable, environmentally sensitive or lacking in existing infrastructure, we make it possible for you to get the job done.
  • Crew and heavy equipment access: Without roads or stable ground to support their equipment, it can be difficult for contractors to set up the heavy machinery they need to do their work. Our solutions give you solid footing no matter where you need it.
  • Installing mats for ground protection and to support material and heavy equipment: timber mats are durable products and can withstand the punishment inflicted by challenging construction sites.
  • Access for cranes, dump trucks and other essential machines: With our help, there’s no need to worry how you will get your equipment to where it is needed.
  • Site and wetland restoration: Our solutions can provide a safe area from which you can perform delicate operations on sensitive areas.
  • Environmental mitigation and remediation: Because they prevent extreme pressures from wheels and treads to be transferred to wetlands and softer soils, civil construction mats are indispensable for protecting environmentally vulnerable sites.

Bring It to BluRoc

As your dedicated access partner, we can help you build communities without many of the headaches that come with working in challenging areas. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, get in touch with one of our helpful representatives today.

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